Wewiora and Booth are a producer team, specialising in exhibition production and touring, artist development and community engagement.

Below are a range of projects that Liz Wewiora and Charlie Booth have produced both together and separately over the past five years. 

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Quinn by Lottie Davies
Quinn is an installation by photographer, artist and writer Lottie Davies.
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Together We Move
Together We Move was a programme of responsive events and exhibitions, celebrating ambitious new film and sound work, Everything I Have Is Yours.
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What’s it like to be sixteen years old now?’ This was the central thread running through the ambitious programme SIXTEEN.
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Walk Without Fear
Walk Without Fear was a photography exhibition that celebrated 30 years of life-saving work across the globe.
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Northern Art Carbooty 2018
Northern Art Carbooty is an extravaganza of art, craft, live performance, workshop activity, food and music.
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Tall Tales
Tall Tales brought together the work of 18 international women artists who employ the playful use of storytelling techniques in the making of their work.
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Hankering for Classification
An exhibition which explored artists’ preoccupation with collecting, archiving and re-working found objects and imagery to form their practice.
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Residual Projects
Residual Projects was a series of miniature residencies at South Square Gallery in Bradford

Throughout all aspects of our practice, collaboration and partnerships are at the heart of what we do. 
We combine years of practical experience across the cultural sector to support artists and photographers to realise creative projects. 


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