Hankering for classification

Liz Wewiora conceived the idea for an exhibition which explored artists’ preoccupation with collecting, archiving and re-working found objects and imagery to form their practice. She invited Manchester based Curator Matthew Pendergast to co-curate the new exhibition and associated series of events which explored this idea, as part of their programme advisory roles for TOAST, Federation House (New Arts Spaces, Castlefield Gallery).

The project was underpinned by the inclusion of exhibition design by London based artist Poppy Whatmore who was invited to respond to the curators’ selection of works and create a new installation which acted as a platform for the other exhibiting artists’ work.

‘Hankering for Classification’ was a unique take on the role of classifying, archiving and collecting in contemporary arts practice and included artists Niall Macdonald, Andrew Bracey, Katie Goodwin, Toby Huddlestone, Nicky Bird, Kwong Lee, David Gledhill, Martin Hamblen, Claire Tindale and of course Poppy Whatmore. 

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